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We are a cultural production agency with three decades of history. Everything we do has a purpose, is spectacular and transformative, because we work with a passion for Brazilian culture. We believe that ethics, diversity and network building enable us to absorb challenges and carry out theater, music and audiovisual projects without limits in terms of creativity and formats. Theatrical shows, musicals, festivals, phonographic products, publishing, projects with markers of territory, race, gender and that have a strong social impact and cultural relevance. Sarau: Brazilian culture as a protagonist.

Andrea Alves e Leila Moreno

Brazilian culture is here

Cast of the Jacksons do Pandeiro
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30 years in 3 numbers


projects carried out: theatrical shows, concerts, festivals, CDs, exhibitions, audiovisual works and collection projects, among others


major awards, including 6 APTR awards, 2 APCA awards and 1 award at the New York Film Festivals.


people have seen Sarau's shows

and festivals.



Azira'i is an autobiographical solo about the relationship between Zahy Tentehar and her mother, Azira'i Tentehar, the first female shaman of the Cana Brava indigenous reserve in Maranhão, where they were both born.

On stage, she alternates scenes in Portuguese and Ze'eng eté, bringing to the center of the stage the debate about the acculturation processes to which they were subjected. The work, directed by Denise Stutz and Duda Rios and produced by Sarau Cultura Brasileira, was nominated for the Shell 2023 Award in four categories - winning Best Actress and Best Lighting - and for the APTR Award in four categories.

‘Jacksounds’ of the Pandeiro

With lightness and humor, the show tells the story of a black man, poor, from the Northeast, illiterate until the age of 35, who won through talent and perseverance. In this show, the "Barca dos Corações Partidos" (The boat of broken hearts) pays homage to the Paraíba singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jackson do Pandeiro, known for his more than 400 songs full of Brazilian rhythms. Bringing in new songs, transforming the work of the honoree and introducing songs created in the process, the show is not a biography, but addresses episodes and songs by Jackson that relate to the lives of the actors on stage.

Direction: Duda Maia

Long live the Brazilian people
(From Naê to Dafé)

Nominated for the following awards: Shell Award (Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Music and Best Costume Design); APCA Award (Best Play and Best Actor); APTR Award (Best Music).

Considered one of the main works by writer João Ubaldo Ribeiro, who was awarded the Jabuti award, Viva o Povo Brasileiro was the plot of the Império da Tijuca samba school, and has now been given an unprecedented musical version for the theater, directed by André Paes Leme, with 27 original songs composed by Chico César and musical direction and original soundtrack by João Milet Meirelles (from the band 'BaianaSystem').

The plot is an epic and speaks of 400 years of history through a soul that insists on being Brazilian. The text is especially connected to female strength and has Maria Dafé as the main heroine.

Elenco do espetáculo Museu Nacional
National Museum
[All Voices of Fire]

Nominated for the APTR Award in the categories: Best Text, Best Music, Best Supporting Actor.

Museu Nacional [Todas as Vozes do Fogo], with Barca dos Corações Partidos, is a study of how a country cultivates, stores and preserves its memory - and all its symbolic and

concrete implications. It is an imaginative and lyrical dive into multiple layers of the past in order to think urgently about our immediate present and the future we are building.

The Hour of the Star or Macabéa's Song

"A Hora da Estrela" tells the story of Macabéa, an immigrant from the northeast of Brazil who searches unsuccessfully for a better life in Rio de Janeiro. Described as an unattractive-looking woman, her life is marked by difficulties and a mediocre existence: Macabéa, played by Laila Garin, practically works for a living. However, a tragic episode changes the course of her story.

Directed by André Paes Leme


You don't get to any place without going through others. Based on this thought, Gregório Duvivier stars in 60 short scenes that make up a vast panorama of the contemporary world.

"But if we remember that being born is as improbable as it is glorious, it's possible to face aging and death as a beautiful inevitability within the founding miracle that is everyone's life."

Text: Vinícius Calderoni and Gregório Duvivier


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